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When to Hire a SEO Company?

The #1 spot on a search engine like Google is the ultimate goal of SEO, but ranking anywhere on the first page is a huge win for your business.

of all online experiences begin with a search engine.

Let our SEO experts step in to create and optimize your website. Better rankings will bring you more brand awareness, leads, and sales!
Increase your company’s website traffic.
Increase sales from search engines.
Generate leads through organic search.
Rank better than your competitors.
Improve your website.

Who Needs SEO Services?

In a word, everyone. Here is what your potential clients do online.

Research online before buying


Ignore paid search results


Local searchers visit a local store


Local searchers end up buying locally

How to Hire a Good SEO Company?


The Google Webmaster Guidelines offer a set standard for proving someone’s competency in SEO. These steps are broken down into quality, technical and then content guidelines. Ask if your SEO expert knows about these and see if they understand what each category entails.


Every industry is different and requires different skills. Ask about the agency’s experience within the specific market you’re in. Even after talking and finding common ground, maintain your due diligence, and be ready to test what an agency says about themselves.


Some professionals bring new skills and approaches to SEO, and their work can often be very effective. A few questions into the USP behind their work will reveal what makes them different. You can then see what those skills have achieved by requesting a portfolio of work.
In Google's words:

If you're thinking about hiring an SEO, the earlier the better. A great time to hire is when you're considering a site redesign, or planning to launch a new site. That way, you and your SEO can ensure that your site is designed to be search engine-friendly from the bottom up. However, a good SEO can also help improve an existing site.

Why Work With Us as Your SEO Agency

Here is what makes Acrux Marketing your top SEO company.


Digital marketing is all about results. We use advanced analytical tools to measure each of your site’s performance goals, including conversions, clicks, site visitors, keyword rankings, and more. The better your website performs, the more sales you’ll make!


The web is filled with shady operators claiming to be “SEO agencies,” but we only use white hat SEO methods here at Acrux Marketing. That means we play by the rules and use high-quality techniques like keyword analysis, backlinking, and link building to boost your relevancy and organic ranking.


We use advanced analytics tools to generate reports reflecting your website’s performance. Acrux Marketing is committed to transparency, and we want you to see up-front results about key performance indicators like keyword rankings, impressions, clicks, site visitors, and more!


In a world driven by data and analytics, we use cutting-edge SEO tools to boost your website higher in search engine rankings, bring in more customers, and reach wider audiences. We also use tools to measure and quantify our accomplishments so you can see the positive impact on your bottom ine.

How Our SEO Service Work

The blueprint of the SEO success for your website.
Kick off analysis


Deep dive into the company, industry, and competition.
As your dedicated SEO consultants, we will take the time needed to understand your business model, goals, and audience. Our onboarding process includes a questionnaire and kick-off meeting to gather the feedback necessary to completely tailor the SEO system to your website.
Technical SEO Audit


A 360° audit to assess your website’s weak spots.
We will conduct a SEO technical audit to evaluate the current state of your site and create a roadmap for improvements. This in-depth analysis uncovers 200+ technical SEO factors that are directly or indirectly impacting your website’s position in search engines.
SEO Content Strategy


Optimized content for users and search engines.
“One-size-fits-all” is totally not the approach we follow when creating a content strategy for your business. Instead, we work out content recommendations that are 100% custom and fit your business goals. They’ll include extensive keyword research, high-level messaging, ongoing topic ideation, and social media integration.
Website optimization


Fixing what's holding back your rankings.
Out of the hundreds of audit items identified in the previous steps, we will prioritize the quick-wins first. This may include content changes or additions, restructuring of the site architecture, website redesign, redirects, interlinking optimization, indexing cleanup, robots.txt, sitemaps, and more.
Local SEO


Gain exposure specifically in your geographic area.
Local SEO is a great opportunity for smaller companies that want exposure specifically in their geographic area. We’ll run local search campaigns, including setting up Google My Business, optimizing local on-page SEO factors, as well as citations auditing and building.
SEO Reporting


Detailed and easy-to-understand reports.
We will set up a measurement plan to track the SEO success so you can see the fruits of our labor in numbers. Unlike average SEO agencies, we will provide you with an interactive dashboard that delivers monthly updates on the KPIs that matter for your business.

What is Included in Our SEO Service

As we go through the phases of the SEO service, we will provide you with tangible SEO deliverables.
Baseline SEO Report
Technical SEO Audit Report
Google Analytics Audit Report
Keyword Research and Strategy
Top Target Pages
On-Page Optimization 
SEO-Optimized Content
Website Quality Audit Report
Link Disavowal File
Citations Audit Report
Citations Building Report
Google My Business Audit Report
Monthly Technical Optimization Checklist
Monthly SEO Editorial Calendar
Monthly SEO Performance Report
Monthly Link Building Report
CMS Changes for SEO

Businesses We Work For

SEO services for all verticals.

Small Businesses

Startups and small businesses with limited resources have a lot to gain from working with an SEO agency. Our SEO services cost less than employing an in-house marketing team and can easily scale up as your business grows.


Online businesses don’t have a brick and mortar store that customers can shop at, so traffic to e-commerce stores is based almost exclusively on SEO. We’ll put together a targeted SEO strategy to bring customers directly to your online shop!


You have an established company with a good reputation. But, in the digital battleground, the size of the company does not matter. Small competitors may be crushing you online. We can get you the real estate in Google that you deserve.

Don't Take Our Word For It

Our specialists have worked for these amazing companies. Join our gang of happy partners, from big brands to successful local businesses.
American Airlines Logo
Acrux Marketing's collaborative approach to SEO has been a game-changer for our clients. Their SEO experts bring unparalleled expertise and experience in the cannabis industry, delivering tailored SEO solutions that effectively drive organic traffic and revenue growth for our clients.


CEO, GapCommerce

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does our SEO services cost?

Pricing is based on the number of hours we need to devote each month to optimize your website. This depends on how well your site is currently performing and how much competition there is in your company’s vertical. Once we settle on a price, we’ll charge it as a flat monthly retainer. You can trust Acrux Marketing to be upfront and transparent about our pricing.

How long does SEO take to provide results?

There’s no hard-and-fast timeline for SEO results since they depend on your goals and your company’s industry. Businesses in fiercely competitive spaces won’t see results as quickly as companies that fill a smaller niche. A site audit will help us shed some light on what you can expect in terms of results and in what timeframe.

Do you offer “guaranteed” SEO services?

We do NOT offer guaranteed SEO results - no reputable agency does. Our services are designed to optimize your website for higher search engine rankings and more traffic. However, search engines are driven by incredibly complex algorithms, so there is no such thing as a guaranteed ranking or set of results. The best way to see our success as an agency is to check out the results and recommendations we’ve gotten from past clients.

Do you work only with Miami-based companies?

No, we partner with companies around the globe! However, we’re based in Miami and love to work with local clients, too.


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