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Why Your Business Needs PPC Services

Get on the first page of Google in no time.
Pay Per Click (PPC) Marketing, also known as paid search marketing, is one of the best marketing strategies for bringing in fast, consistent search engine traffic. 

of people said they’d click on a Google ad.

Optimizing your site for organic search via keywords, while also highly effective, takes longer to generate the results you're looking for. During the weeks or months it takes your site to rise to a higher rank on the search engine results page (SERP), PPC will have you at the top in no time.
Increase your bottom line.
Grow your brand visibility.
Raise above the competition.
Know your audience better.
Retarget your leads and customers.
Get on Google instantly. 
  • Google Ads Fast Results

    Lightning-fast results

    Boosting your organic rankings doesn't happen overnight. It can take weeks, months, or even years. But PPC can achieve the same results in 24-hours.
    Tine-tuned focus

    Fine-tuned focus

    PPC campaigns let you fine-tune which audiences you appear in front of based on key factors like age, location, interests, and other demographics.
  • Measurable results

    Measurable results

    Measure the KPIs that matter. With PPC, you can get solid results for key measurements like clicks, visits, leaks, sales, costs, and more.
    Competitive advantage

    A key competitive edge

    Using long-tail keywords allows you to zoom in on your specialties and rank higher than big companies targeting high-traffic search keywords.

How to Pick a Good PPC Agency

Partnering with the right PPC company is crucial to meeting your business goals.
Think of finding the right PPC agency to manage your PPC marketing campaigns as hiring an employee or going on a date. You need to have common ground if you want things to work out long-term. The same goes for PPC management service: not all agencies are made alike, so getting to know the company before you make a commitment to work with them is in everybody's best interest.

But how do you know if an agency is a good fit? Here are the questions to ask.
Which PPC agency to hire


What reports do they provide, and how often will you receive updates?

Years in business

How much experience does your SEM agency have with pay-per-click marketing?


Do their account reps have certification in Google Ads or other paid search platforms?

Proof of success

What metrics they use to measure success? Can they offer a case study of a successful campaign?

Why Work With Us as Your PPC Agency

Hire a PPC agency that gets results.

Conversion-centric campaigns

Our PPC campaigns focus on the business metrics that matter - everything we do is centered around conversions that drive bottom-line sales for your business! See the difference with your conversion-oriented campaign run by true experts.

No long-term contracts

Don't be locked into long-term contracts that don't end up driving results. Our philosophy is simple - if we deliver fantastic results, you will never want to leave! Our contracts reflect that and are short and nonrestrictive.

Dedicated account manager

When you partner with us, you have a dedicated account manager to answer your questions and concerns. Don't wait on hold for support or pay to run an essentially self-service program! Partner with a team that invest in your success.

Controlled budget

We understand the importance of budget planning. Our team of marketing professionals hears out your goals, and then we craft a strategy that meets your existing budget without exceeding it.

Hyper-Targeted Reach

Take your ad dollars where they drive the greatest return on investment, with hyper-targeted ads. We quickly identify your best customers online, and then place your advertisements in front of them. Your end result? A hyper-efficient bottom line!

No autopilot mode

Why pay for anything less than the best expert marketing help? Our professional digital marketers are keeping an eye on your account, so you don't have to! If an automated system could do the job right, you wouldn't need an expert at all.

Supported PPC Ads Types

Our PPC management service covers all types of Google Ads.
Google Ads Types
  • Search Network Ads

    We capture your best potential audience at the exact right time, based on what key search terms they are looking for at this very moment, with precisely targeted Search Network advertisements.

    Video Ads

    Reach audiences and build your brand with our managed Video Ad service. We target your ideal audience by demographic to match with your product's purchasing intent, and then we let your video content speak for itself.
  • Display Network Ads

    Build your sales with high-performance advertisements across the web - our amazing creative will appear on sites across the web, and drive high-intent visitors to your website. Wait until you see all of the name-brand sites your brand appears on!

    App Install Ads

    Drive app downloads and hit your aggressive revenue goals with our expertly delivered App Ads! Our team has the technical prowess to put your App Ads in front of exactly the right mobile users to grow your business efficiently.

How Does Our PPC Services Work?

A tested process to make money out of Google.
Kick off analysis


The more we know about your business and your goals, the better we can help you achieve them! The onboarding phase is our "getting to know you" phase. We ask that you fill out a questionnaire so we understand your target buyers and your competition. At our kickoff meeting, you'll meet the Google Ads specialist a.k.a your personal expert for all things PPC. This phase includes:

- Meeting your dedicated Google Ads specialist.
- Onboarding questionnaire.
- Kickoff meeting.
- Content inventory.


A big part of setting up a successful PPC service is keyword research. Before we bid on keywords, we'll research your market and put together a list of the keywords we think will bring you the most success. In this phase, we will cover:

- Account audit.
- Account setup or restructuring.
- Keyword research.
- Negative keywords generation.
- Competitor research.
- Conversion tracking setup (website conversions, call tracking, etc.).
- Advanced Google Analytics configuration.
Google Ads Setup


Now we can start creating your ads! The best PPC service ads use a dash of art and a pinch of science. They should be persuasive and informative, but pithy and within character limits. Our copywriters are experienced with writing ad copy specifically for PPC services, and we test all of our ads to determine what works best.

- Ad copywriting for text ads.
- Ad extensions setup.
- Ad design for display ads.
- Landing page design, layout, and copywriting.


After the ads are launched, we closely monitor them for success and make changes when necessary to optimize the campaign's success. Campaign performance is measured in reports that we share with you on a weekly basis, including:

- Management of target and negative keywords.
- A/B testing of ads and landing pages.
- Bid, placement and targeting optimization.
- Campaign scaling.
- Costs and budget management.
- Monthly performance report.
- Check-ins and meetings for performance review.

Businesses We Work For

PPC services for all verticals.

Small Businesses

Working with limited budget, personnel and resources? In-house teams can be pricey, but our services are affordable and scalable based on your needs and budget. You won't pay for anything you don't need!


Online businesses don't have a brick-and-mortar storefront, so we'll create a digital HQ for your business. We understand your unique needs and know how to drive traffic and leads to your digital doorstep.


Large businesses still need to compete in a crowded digital marketplace. We understand that enterprise accounts have unique needs, and we know how to tailor our paid advertising strategy to meet them.

Don't Take Our Word For It

Our specialists have worked for these amazing companies. Join our gang of happy partners, from big brands to successful local businesses.
American Airlines Logo
Miquel Marco
"We hired Acrux Marketing to manage our paid campaigns on Facebook and Google. They did an outstanding job for more than 2 years. Our objective was to get new leads rather than just likes. They delivered swiftly and consistently. And, in some campaigns, we even beat national benchmarks!"


Managing Director, RUBI Tools USA

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you require contracts?

We'll start off with a 3-month contract, and after that, we'll switch over to monthly contracts. This gives your company a good amount of flexibility in case you decide that Acrux Marketing isn't the ideal partner for your PPC marketing needs. After three months, you'll have a taste of our service and a sample of the growth we can provide your business.

How much do Google Ads cost?

Google Ads charges you each time someone clicks on your ad. The cost of each click depends on a variety of factors, some of which we have control over, and some of which are up the Google Gods. While the average cost per click is around $1 to $2, businesses in fiercely competitive niches can pay up to $50 per click. But don't let the sticker price daunt you: spending a few thousand dollars in Google Ads can more than pay for itself in terms of results.

Is there any setup fee?

Yes, there's a one-time setup fee for getting your PPC management service off the ground. The fee includes setting you up in our analytics system and search engine system. Once it's up and running, you'll pay a flat monthly rate for our service with the option of scaling from month to month.

Are there additional or hidden fees?

Nope! We don't have any secrets or hidden costs up to our sleeves. We use flat pricing for PPC services and don't charge a percentage of ad spend. You can easily scale your campaign without worrying about snowballing costs for PPC services.

Will you use new or existing accounts?

That's up to you! We typically use your existing Google AdWords account, but we're happy to create a new one for your--especially if you don't already have one!

Will I own the accounts, campaigns, and ads?

Your Good Ads account, campaign, and ads are all yours, and working with Acrux Marketing doesn't change that. Although we'd love to create a long-term working relationship with your business, we understand that if it comes time to part ways, your account and associated campaigns belong to you.

Do I have to provide content for your PPC ads?

No need to provide us content-- we'll create it for you based on your target audience and brand. You'll work with a paid search manager who creates unique PPC advertisements and content customized to fit your brand. We'll also pull from our own stash of resources like stock photography, news sources, and design software to build engaging ads that appeal to your target audience.

How often will you provide me with updates?

How often would you like them? We send out updates once a week like clockwork, but we're happy to touch base with you more frequently if you'd like. All it takes is a phone call - we'll provide you with an updated report at any time!


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